How to use your home accessories

We all own home accessories – pictures, pots, ornaments etc.  How we display them and show them off can make a huge difference to the look of a room or space creating a far more inviting atmosphere.

Think about the size of the items you’re placing in the space – are they the right size?  For instance, too small an item can get lost.  Likewise, a piece that’s too large can dominate an area and draw the eye away from other places.   Above all, creating a comfortable harmony is what’s most important.

LK Lovely Things’ Home Accessories

Certain home accessories are stand alone items.  This fabulous 58cm wooden barn star can really ‘hold it’s own’.   Similarly, our beautifully illustrated East of India hare cushion will happily sit solo on a sofa or chair.

Barn star b1


A really great way to style your home accessories is to group them by colour, theme or type.  For instance, take our beautiful porcelain range.  When these items are grouped together they create a vignette and compliment each other.

These East of India wooden home accessories create an interesting little themed group.

Take a look at these beautiful Santa ornaments.  This pleasing little festive bunch fit together in style and colour.  In contrast, their different designs and sizes create height and interest.

All of the items featured above are available at LK Lovely Things.

When placing objects, symmetry works well especially in a more formal setting.  You may, for instance, have a pair of matching candlesticks either end of a mantelpiece.  Or maybe a set of three framed pictures which fit perfectly above a sofa.  However, a less formal setting can feel more comfortable and inviting.

5 Simple Tips for Creating a More Contemporary Space

  1. Group your home accessories together to one side of a mantelpiece or shelf.  These could then be balanced by a plant or lamp at the other end.  Try and get some variation in the height of a group of items to create interest.
  2. Place a larger, heavier object in a corner or next to a piece of furniture.
  3. On a coffee table, place a tin or jar candle on top of a pile of books.
  4. Use a wooden or glass tray as a base for your grouped items.  Or place plants together in complimentary pots
  5. If you own a number of framed photos or prints, you could design a photo wall.  Group together, portrait and landscape.  The frames can be different styles and sizes.